Custom projects

Anything the human eye can see and distinguish, Metrici can do it too

Custom projects from Metrici can be reduced to one simple explanation "Anything the human eye can see and distinguish, Metrici can do it too"

This goes from Metrici cappabilities to train the neuronal network so that it can recognize any kind of object in real time in a video stream.

So it began developing and implementing custom projects for clients that do not find any other resources to address their specific needs. Usually, since custom software is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer's particular expectations which can not be satisfied by off-the-shelf software.

Metrici cappabilities and versatility in training the neuronal network is proving to be crucial in helping our clients .

Large or small companies need develop custom software for critical functions and operations and to automate some procedures.

As example, the solution was implemented in car pieces manufacturing sector and construction industry with some local and international produceres who wanted to detect, recognize and count the pieces they produce. The solution is also used as an alarm feature to trigger a warning when defective parts are detected.

As Metrici always did even with the traditional products that were modified for specific clients and specific needs, custom software is tailor made for a business and eliminates some problems that can not be solved otherwise or would be very difficult.

Metrici takes a collaborative approach to custom built to ensure the final product meets all requirements.

Metrici approach to unusual problems

Unique delivery each time

What can you do

Detect human, animals, pieces, bags, pallets, boats. Shortly, anything you can imagine.

Where could it be installed

Anywhere you need or work. Tell what your neccessities are and Metrici delivers


We train the deep neuronal networks to do the tasks

What you get

Automated accurate recognition and results of up to 100% success, unique to your particular company.

What is different

All is developped keeping the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind.


Detection, recognition, classification, count, quality control, inspect objects - instantly and all in one solution.


  • Reduce Operational Costs – Less manpower, more AI
  • Automate routine processes - Delegate the repetitive tasks
  • Reduce cost from repetitive works - People can devote their time and energy to more valuable and meaningful work-
  • Increase productivity – Using speed and learning all the time
  • Manage your processes using digital systems - Count on technology to deliver constant results
  • Ensure quality and productivity – Same outputs, no errors, no fatigue
  • Transform and adapt your processes – As time goes, technology evolves and your company can keep up without a struggle
  • Get a panorama view of your operations -Explore, analyze, map out, test and build individual solution
  • Adapt constantly your solutions - Be in front of your competition
  • Quality check - Inspect work and tasks using Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduce losses - By not dedicating time, energy, manpower on mundane tasks
  • Pairing - With existing software, hardware, operations already in place at your location

How personal is the project

Software is designed to address your needs precisely. Such applications are typically created just for your specific entity anf not for reselling.

Custom-tailored solution

Especially designed for your company. You know Metrrici targets and addresses specific situations

Custom database

You decide what Metrici to do and how to store data

Custom actions

For Metrici to implement, to do and when do it

Custom functions

You decide what matters and how Metrici does detection, sorting and filtering

Custom work

Metrici does the work, you get the results

Custom Fields

You decide what is your need now, and what special problems to address


Hospitals, Construction Industry, Manufacturing, Security check, Education, Security installations, Retail

  • Automate repetitive tasks- The life made easier by automating boring, repetitive tasks.
  • Automatically creates data- recognize, count and sends alerts -Eficient business processes
  • Access - The data you need, when you need it
  • Create and study - Automatic reports, statistics and analysis -
  • Security - Control and alerts
  • Check objects -Inspect to detect anomalies
  • Eliminate human errors-Rely on Artificial Intelligence
  • No limit-For what to detect and what to do. One can do it, so can Metrici


Some of which are generally valid for Metrici

  • VERSATILE -trainings and detections for any kind any object, action
  • ACCURATE - up to 100% for custom projects
  • AMBIENT CAMERA - as usual, detection camera can be paired with ambiental ones.
  • ALARM - customized alerts for whatever you need
  • ACTION TRIGGERS the system can automatically send alarms, network messages, take action when certain events occur
  • ZONES - An area can be set in the image where the system concentrates its attention
  • INTEGRATION -with all other Metrici engines and same interface, external systems or databases
  • LOGS - Metrici saves information about the communication with external systems. In case of a malfunction, a log file can be accessed to fix the problem as Metrici keeps track of all the changes of a user and all the functionality of the server and software.
  • BACKUP -All the settings and database can be saved and restored
  • LARGE OPERATIONS - unlimited number of operators and cameras. Differentiated administration rights.
  • REPORTS & ANALYSIS -The administrator has access to all data and statistics for each camera or entire location