Change log

5.1 - January 2018
Added: Introduction of alarms for parking module. When certain events occur simultaneously, the system can send a SMS, a mail or show a popup or a combination of these. For instance, when a certain number is detected or when a vehicle stays inside the parking more than a predetermined time. Also, if an event occurs outside/during a certain timetable. An alarm can also be initiated when someone outside of a group is detected. Direction of movement is another setting that can initiate an alarm. The possibilities are effectively endless and unlimited. One or more conditions can be added to set an alarm.
For the time being the alarms can be set in accordance with the following settings (one or more for each alarm): Plate in group, Last direction of plate, Last datetime of plate, plate inside location.

Added: Introduction of list groups. Also new search features for a plate number in reference to a group or tenant.

Added: Each tenant can have its own subtenants and each one of them can create subtenants. Number of of levels of definable sub rentals is unlimited.

Added: Action list SMS. A new administration right introduced in Web Interface. People and phone numbers on this “action list SMS” can grant access inside the parking by sending a license plate number to a specific phone number connected to Metrici server. The number plates are introduced in database and can have unlimited or limited access inside the parking, according to the rights attributed to that tenant/client.
Added: The user with admin rights can add/delete number plates on tenants' list. Can delete a tenant from Actiolist along with all its number plates.
Added: Optimized training and recognition for several countries: Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Czech Republic

Added: Parking zones and floors. Integration with display to show not only busy/free spaces for the a parking lot, but also for different floors/zones of same parking lot if they are defined in Web Interface. Also, integration with display to show occupancy rate and other information for a specific tenant when a number plate of this tenant is detected

5.0 - August 2017
Added: new code developed for a better video analysis
Added: Toll station setup introduced. A new feature was introduced and implemented, especially meant for any business which requires ticketing based on type/size of a vehicle. Unlimited number of tariffs, for different vehicle categories.
Allows defining an expiration date for the receipts. Free access for vehicles in white list, with automatic barrier opening.
Added: Introduction of tenants for a parking lot.
The company launches Metrici LED Display. Any information in software database can be sent and seen on display. LED display can show number of free or busy spaces, total number, direction, license plate number etc.

4.9 - March 2017
Added: Debugging log for all the actions. Each detection applications dumps information about interactions with subsystems in each application's log. Useful to see when and where there is a miscommunication between different systems.
Added: Tenants dedicated interface in Metrici LPR. They can manage their own parking lots.
Added: Possibility for parking lot administrator to preserve the parking spaces for the tenants, even when empty.
Improved: Recognition rate for Serbia, which uses a special font and a special 0 number.

February 2017
Launch of in-house built radar _ Metrici Observer Radar.
Useful for industrial park , residential area, municipalities where there is a speed limit and the administrator wants to monitor the offenders. Metrici LPR will save car's photo along with the top speed registered by the Metrici Observer Radar.

4.8-January 2017
Fixed: Eliminate a 1-2 seconds delay which sometimes appeared in MJPEG streams when system was under heavy load.
Improved: recognition rate for Germany (DE).
Improved: recognition for Diplomatic, Police and army plate numbers of Israel (IL).
Added: Skidata integration with parking payment system.
Added: Ability to backup action lists.

4.7 - December 2016
Added: posibility to use the engine in triggered mode, using a Barix B50. See page 20 of manual.
It will trigger the recognition based on a signal from external loop (or motion detection, sensor,etc). If there is no plate detected will take a snapshot of scene and record "UNKNOWN" as plate number.
Added: possibility of importing CSV files in action list.
Added: easy search for action lists.