Thermal Analyzer is a Metrici perfect tool to monitor video streams and scan it to find what are the temperatures for objects of interest or for zones of interest. Metrici brings in the equation its cappabilities of training the Artificial Intelligence to only detect objects of interests for the user and to offer temperature only for that. Also, Metrici has a built-in app that allows selecting the accuracy of outputs and the algorithm by which these temperature values are calculated. In the first edition, Metrici detects persons and searches and delivers temperatures for their face, offering accurate data.

Only events over a temperature limit will be saved in database or will generate alarms, not all detections.


Metrici Thermal Analyzer has some dedicated features

Detection Zones

One camera, two sensors, different angles, but ONE detection engine


for number of objects/ people in the same frame


Metrici engine tries to detect objects of interest and deliver the temperature in any frame or when it gets a command


Each thermal camera can have a companion camera, meaning an ambient image to be saved in database along with the detection image


It can support many users, each one with its own login and passwords account


One can define in the interface as many locations and cameras as it wants


The system records all the users activity . It also records all its activity about detections and communication


The reports, statistics, all lists or searches can be exported in XLS or PDF formats


for a sever, no matter how many cameras and locations are managed. Permanent training for LPR or any other request


Some characteristcs are common for any Metrici engine, others are dedicated

  • VERSATILE Detection of persons or any object
  • ACCURATEDisplay of temperature differences from 0.1°C
  • ALARM in case of exceeding or falling below defined temperature ranges
  • EVENT TRIGGERS alarm, network message, activation of a switching output
  • DETECTION ZONESAn area can be set in the image where the system searches for hot objects
  • AMBIENT CAMERA A normal sensor camera can be set along the thermal camera and the images from the two are linked and saved in database.
  • MANAGEMENT  with the interface from anywhere in the world and from any device (smartphone, computer, tablet) with internet access through the dedicated site.
  • PRIVILEGE- only hot objects are saved in database, not all detections.
  • INTEGRATION with external systems and databases
  • LOGS- Metrici saves information about the communication with external systems. In case of a malfunction, a log file can be accessed to fix the problem as Metrici keeps track of all the changes of a user and all the functionality of the server and software.
  • BACKUP All the settings and database can be saved and restored
  • AUTOMATION Metrici Thermal Analyzer automatically saves all detections and temperatures beyond a certain value which can be set and modified at any time
  • CONVENIENT It supports an unlimited number of operators, thermal cameras. Each system operator can have its own administration rights.
  • REPORTS The administrator has access to all data and statistics for each camera or entire location

To understand the dynamics of thermal cameras, one should know that, usually, a thermal camera ouputs an average temperature for the whole frame and also, a temperature value for each pixels of the image, so a thermal camera delivers to Metrici tens of thousands of temperatures, one for each pixels.

Metrici doesn’t take into account all these temperature because they are not relevant for the objetcs of interest. An image, no matter where is taken, implies objects that are not supposed to be taken into account. So Metrici checks each frame and searches for the object of interest, as humans for example. For every persons, it searches its head and marks it. Then it reads the temperatures for that head and delivers an average temperature for the persons accordingly to the chosen algorithm. By default, the output value is the average temperature of the hottest 1% percent pixels for that head. Another choices are the average of the hottest 10 percent or the hottest pixels. In contrast to cameras with optical image sensors, a thermal camera can detect extremely small temperature differences and visually display them with colors. Thermal cameras can monitor temperature differences as low as 0.1 °C.


Separated add-on LPR based modules for Toll stations, Weighing stations, Parking management, each one with more features add to the basic interface.