Metrici expands the Weighing Station Module

Metrici developed even more its Weighing Station Module, along with the new interface, by tailoring the software for specific requests from our clients. Until recently, the system was used as such in traffic monitoring accompanied by weighing stations, but also in production or transport facilities, in combination with Metrici LPR and industrial weighing.

As from now, Metrici developed the module even further, as an automated tool for locations where you want to eliminate the threat of losses or thefts blamed on the human factor. Also, a special feature was introduced as an alert by SMS or e-mails to be issued when the weight exceeds a certain value or percentage.

The LPR solution module integrated with weighing stations applies for industrial parks, factories, production facilities, storage units, transportation companies or just traffic monitoring.

The developed weighing module is useful in every weighing scenario linked to LPR, such as for authorities as a tool for taxation, factories, transportation companies, delivery companies, ports etc and is suitable to any weighing working mode.

In fact, even until now, Metrici weighing LPR integration was usually used as checkpoint at weighing stations along the highways in LPR free flow mode, access control tool in production units, when barriers were installed, and where the license plate was linked to the weight of the vehicle and sometimes served as a tax collector tool for authorities.

As usually, as other Metrici products before, this development of the module was created when Metrici was approached by one client who wanted to fully automate the weighing process and the access in and out of the location, as well as on the weighing scale.

Metrici takes LPR photo witness of the front and back of the vehicles (if this is the case), as often trucks have different license plates on the front and on the back, for the trailer.

The photo witness, weight, license plate, direction, time stamp and other info are saved in database. Also, Metrici can grant access in the location (when barriers are installed) based on LPR, grants access to the weighing scale. As all Metrici software solutions, the detection engine can be crossed with a second camera, for an alternative view of the vehicle from the moment of the weighing.

Metrici Weighing Module can automatically command a barrier to open when the weight is stable and the number plate was recognized. It can command a barrier when a plate number from a whitelist is recognized and grants access to the weighing station. It can automatically command a traffic light when the weight is stable and recorded along LPR.

Metrici can also send alarms if a weight varies from a pre-established value for that particular number plate. In fact, Metrici has the entrance weight, records the exit weight and knows how much cargo a vehicle was supposed to carry. If that value varies too much, an alert is sent.

Metrici can be integrated with other external systems and hardware devices to communicate with when a weight and a license plate recognition were successfully done.

Metrici Weighing Module is a fully automated process specially designed to eliminate human mistakes. On free flow and in motion weighing process, Metrici module can be used to record and link a number plate to a specific weight and it can be a tool for authorities and not only.