Autoklass is the biggest Mercedes dealer and service chain in Romania. It has 12 locations around the country. Thousands of cars enter these locations every day. The company has its own system of management for cars programmed for service work, but wanted a way to record automatically every vehicle entering the locations.

Metrici LPR software was installed at the gate of the service, along with two inductive loops: one before the barrier, the other after the barrier. The software detects cars at the entrance, opens the gate. If in a predetermined interval (30 seconds) passes by the second loops, questions the third party if that particular vehicle is recorded in database with an "open command". This means if it is recorded in Autoklass management software for service work. In case of negative answers, an alert is sent to certain mail addresses.
Also, Metrici LPR sends an alert if the vehicle has no license plate or this is not recognized.

Autoklass technical data for each location

  • 2 Axis P1425-LE cameras
  • 1 Metrici LPR BL license
  • 1 Metrici LPR EL license
  • 2 inductive loops
  • 2 Metrici LAN Controllers with customized firmware
  • 2 barriers
  • Integration with third party software

The first installation was made at Autoklass service in Chitila. After the success recorded here, the company chose to install same solutions in every of the 12 service locations. The company has events in database with cars entering the services without appointment.