Metrici MultiController with Wiegand Protocol & RFID

Metrici MultiController with Wiegand Protocol implemented (MMCW) is one of the in-house hardware products developed by Metrici with dedicated firmware.

The MultiController is a multi-purpose tool in different security, traffic management, access contol scenarios and created to meet clients' need for automation and easy access control in customized or familiar protocols/interfaces.

The powerful processor is optimized for the processing large user credentials and communication with both Metrici database and interface, as well as a Wiegand Central Command Station and its database.

The second generation of MultiController has RFID cappabilities, a new firmware and a different GUI, as well as some new colored cases.

As many companies are using Wiegand based access control with cards for example, it was natural to associate a license plate with the cards ID and such have easy and segmented access. For example an employee might have rights only to one barrier or on certain levels. So it is easy to segment the access rights.

Benefits of MultiController include - easy integration, use of existing id badges for a single badge solution, individual settings for each employee, manage from any computer on the network, save energy, money and time.

It has a faster and powerful processor with an input voltage of 12/38Vcc. The MultiController is designed and manufactured in Romania.


What Metrici MultiController can do for you

Multi Purpose

Two digital inputs and two digital ouputs, in addition to the Wiegand Protocol & RFID. WiFi and Ehernet connection

Different scenarios

It can be used to command barriers, traffic lights, other external hardware or software.

Communication Protocol

HTTP over TCP/IP, RAW over UDP/IP, Wiegand 26 bits and RFID


The data from LPR with wiegand access cards in the same interface. Easy to use and access. Convert plate number in Wiegand ID


Working temperatures range is -20 to +50 Celsius degrees. It also has a IP65 resistant case.

Wiegand Capable

Used for its Wiegand linked to access control scenarios, in combination with all Wiegand central station hardware wired connection.


Use of existing Wiegand ID badges. Personalised settings for each employee.

Log files

The MultiController can be uesd in connection to Merici database and with Wiegand access control unit in the same time.


Get trigger from two external hardware and can command up to two external hardware: barriers, traffic lights, sensors via its digital outputs

Metrici MultiController includes

A multi-purpose tool in access control and ID check as well as hardware command.

  • CHECK ACTION Question to Metrici Database and Wiegand Command Center when a LPR detection occurs
  • OPEN BARRIER Command. It controls up to 2 barriers at a time
  • DIFFERENT SETTINGS It has its own interfaces with customized firmware
  • MANAGE From any computer on the network, save energy, money and time
  • UNLIMITED Number of Wiegand ID cards can be stored in databases
  • DATABASE With all events in Metrici database or on a Wiegand Command Center
  • SPLIT ACCESS Central Wiegand system or Metrici decides access in location depending on the scenario implemented
  • REPORTS AND STATISTICS For the entire activity. Records number plate and time of detection. It can be used as a timesheet
  • COMPANION Each detection can be accompanied by a companion camera with a different view of the event
  • COMMUNICATION¬† To any device using the 26 bits Wiegand communication or RFID cappabilities
  • MULTI TASKING A controller can act more than one job in the same time
  • LOG FILES¬† For the actions made and communication


Dedicated add-on LPR based modules for Weighing stations, Parking management, each one with more features added to the basic interface.