Metrici Area Counter is company’s AI solution to count and keep track of any given object in a selected area. You can define as many areas in a video stream and Metrici will count and record any event change in that perimeter. You choose in Metrici engines what type of objects (people, vehicles. planes, boxes, boats etc.) you want to count and keep track of. Anytime the number for that kind of objects changes, an event is saved in database with photo witness record and other data that can be later filtered in the interface. You can use it as a security feature with alarms for when an object appears or disappears in that monitored area or as a management tool for parking, traffic, sidewalks, queues management in retail or institutions or as Parking Place Detector feature.

First edition of Area Counter is introducing two types of detection choices: persons and vehicles.

A user selects a zone or an entire image in a video stream and chooses which type of detection wants Metrici to perform. Hence the multiple choices for using the new detection engine and the interface.


  • URBAN VIDEO SURVEILLANCE parks, squares, streets, pedestrian zones
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT airports, railway and busstations, ports, metro stations
  • PUBLIC & OFFICE BUILDINGS company buildings, museums, stadiums, healthcare
  • GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS public offices, hospitals, courts, prisons
  • EVENTS fairs, concerts, sports events, festivals
  • RETAIL & COMMERCE shopping mall, supermarkets, gas stations, markets


  • CITY SURVEILLANCE Unauthorized crossing. Crowded. Suspicious behaviour. Trespass 
  • TRAFFIC Traffic control. Wating time. Congestion
  • PARKING Illegal parking. Available parking
  • BUILDING SURVEILLANCE Access control. Secure area. Counting
  • BUSINESS & RETAIL INTELLLIGENCE Heat map. Tripwire .Queue
  • ZONE CHECK One can set a number limit of objects that can fit in an area or to trigger an alarm
  • ALERT When a certain tripwire is crossed or a number limit is reached
  • HISTORY Keep record of any change with photo witness
  • ACCESS All detections data and status changing accessible in Metrici Interface
  • REPORTS & STATISTICS See how your business evolve
  • SCHEDULE Reports, alarms
  • ANALYSIS Heat map and motion map
  • ALARM E-mail, SMS, Popup, hardware

City Surveillance

Unauthorized Street/railway Crossing

Surveillance of Critical Area

Suspicious /Unauthorized Detection

Suspicious Behaviour Detection

Unauthorized Crowding / Overcrowding


  • Trespass Detection of persons or vehicles entering a virtual space •
  • Heat Map & Motion Map Know the areas with the greatest frequency and activity
  • Tripwire Detection of Person or Vehicle crossing a virtual line
  • Counting Counting of people, cars after crossing a virtual line
  • Detecting unauthorized objects / luggage left
  • Perimeter protection / Intrusion Detection
  • Critical infrastructure limits
  • Alert monitoring at the entrance
  • Alert monitoring in high security areas

Traffic & Parking

Effective traffic control at intersections

Detection of illegal traffic behaviour

Detection of unauthorized parking

Traffic Management

Available parking spaces detection

Monitoring Entry at Restricted Spaces

People waiting at street crossing


  • Tripwire Detection of Vehicle (or Person) crossing a virtual line • Wrong Way Detection
  • Detecting wrong direction
  • Trespass Detection of objects entering a virtual space
  • Vehicle Counting / Queue management • Counting Vehicles crossing a linecount the vehicles coming IN and going OUT in parking Zone
  • Waiting Time Management for queues or traffic stops
  • Congestion Detection Detecting vehicle congestion in a virtual area
  • Illegal Parking Detecting parking of the vehicle in no parking zone and raising an alarm
  • Parking management: free slots available for parking

Building Surveillance and Business Intelligence

Access Control / crowded indentification

Abnormal Behaviour

Warning for queing and wating

Monitoring against vandals

Queue monitoring


  • Trespass Detection of Persons or Vehicle entering a virtual space
  • Crowd Detection Detecting people gathering in a virtual area
  • Tripwire Detection of Person or Vehicle crossing a virtual line
  • Alarm for staying beyond a specified time in an area
  • Queue management
  • Waiting Time Management. for Queues
  • Congestion Detection Detecting vehicle congestion in a virtual area
  • Illegal Parking Detecting parking of the vehicle in no parking zone and raising an alarm


Separated add-on LPR based modules for Toll stations, Weighing stations, Parking management, each one with more features add to the basic interface.