Metrici, partner for UNTOLD festival

Metrici became a partner for one of the biggest music events in Europe and will provide software and hardware solutions for UNTOLD festival. Metrici video analytics capabilities are to be used to count people when entering the world renowed festival.

Metrici, in partnership with Konica Minolta Romania, will be present during the 4 days music festival, to monitor entrances for surveillance and Ai based video detection and analysis.

Metrici is Romanian leader in object recognition using deep neuronal networks. Thanks to its AI capabilities, such as people recognition, the Metrici solutions were chosen to ensure a better security and give alerts when certain events need further investigation for the shows taking place at Polyvalent Hall in Cluj.

Several detection engines are to be used: such as the new Metrici Line Counter for counting people in and out the festival, besides some other Metrici detection and recognition engines.

In the same time, apart from AI video surveillance and counting, Metrici will show all data on a Metrici LED Display .

Metrici is specialist in video analysis solutions, object recognition and AI based software developed in Romania, but with partners and clients worldwide. Lately the company is offering tailored applications for industrial use, for production units, transport, utilities or construction companies.

UNTOLD Festival is the largest electronic music festival held in Romania, taking place in Cluj-Napoca at the Cluj Arena. It is held annually and has been designated Best Major Festival in the European Festival Awards 2015.

The sixth edition of UNTOLD is planned to take place in 2021, 9-12 September, after last year event was postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak.

About Line Counter

Metrici Line Counter is the software product that allows counting number of people, cars, boats or any kind of object that is transiting a virtual "gate" .

Alarms can be set to be activated when different scenarios occur: for example number of objects exceeded ..., more than x objects in a direction, slow traffic, too many people, queue etc.

To be used in:

  • RETAIL- Customers flow" of walk-in/out. Time periods. Heat maps
  • VEHICLE TRAFFIC and PEOPLE - How many vehicles? What type? Pedestrians number. What direction? Flow rate
  • PRODUCTION UNITS- What is the productivity? How fast? Cycles. Products good or bad?
  • INSTITUTIONS and EVENTS- How many people? Direction. Entries and exits and many more