Case study: Full software automation for weighing stations


Metrici Weighing Module started as fulfilling some of our clients necessities of automation their proccesses and as AI based help to reduce thefts, loss or human errors so often involved in man powered processes. Now it evolved even more.

Initial the weight was synchronized with the license plate. Following requests from clients, new features were added, such as allowing access only to vehicles on whitelists. Also, Metrici introduced a system to check and compare the weight from the entry and the one from the leaving to see that are no deviation from a certain percentage.

In the first introduction of the setup, some hardware sensors were used, such as laser sensors to see when a vehicle approaches a weighing station or if is properly placed with all wheels on the station.

Now Metrici developed its AI with new features so can entirely base on its capabilities to recognize different situations and objects.
So, a new add-on was recently developed to the integration, as Metrici does now all the job and no hardware is necessary but optional for full automation of a weighing process.
Thus Metrici managed to fully automate it. The solution is based on Metrici software– AI based License Plate Recognition and Parking Place Detector modules working together to deliver the best results.
Adapted and suited for industrial parks, factories, production facilities, storage units, transportation companies.
Integration with any type of industrial weighing scale with a special developed firmware for the Barix Barionet and also with any other external systems or management software. The very first installation using this solution was made at one of the biggest ballast pits in Romania, with heavy traffic in and out. The integrator was one of Metrici long-time collaborator, Power Solutions, which chose to work with Metrici software and Axis cameras to deliver best setup for the client.

How the system works

Usually, cameras are monitoring both the entrance and the exit from the weighing station. A Metrici Parking Place Detector engine is used to watch some virtual parking places strategically placed on the station. With just some settings for each one of them, the system can be operational.

Technical data for a typical installation

  • At least 1 PPD engine
  • At least 1 LPR engine
  • Barriers
  • Server
  • Barix Barionet with a special developed Metrici firmware
  • Optional:
  • Traffic light
  • LED display

So when a parking place is "occupied" - in fact the vehicle is moving and is approaching the station - Metrici detects and sends a command to open the barrier for the car to be placed on the station.


The vehicles moves on and will occupy another virtual parking place, this time when it stops on the weighing station. The PPD engine detects the vehicles, it know is properly aligned on the station and sends a trigger toward a Metrici LPR engine to start detecting the number plate. When the number plate is read, Metrici records also the weight from the weighing station. weighing station

Events are recorded in the database and can be filtered in the interface. Interface

Usually, each line of a weighing station has two virtually parking spots, so depending on which one is busy, Metrici knows what to do. This setting is done in Metrici Interface, when installing the system in Parking Place Detector menu, Alarm sub-menu.

Interface alarms

In fact, you set an alarm for each spot, depending on what is supposed to do: when a place is "busy", command the barrier to open. When the oher one is busy, you order to do a LPR reading and record the event in database, for example!

Additional installation may include traffic lights or LED displays. These can be used to display different messages and indications for the driver and also can show when the car is properly aligned.

Metrici installations for the weighing stations help client to eliminate losses and theft or human errors. All events are recorded in database and can be filtered. Also you access to different statistics and reports regarding the activity in the location.
Another great feature are the alarms for different scenarios that can be set in the interface's menu: certain license plates, weight deviation, long stay etc.