Philips Factory Orastie

Philips factory in Oastie has a tradition of over 15 years in Romania. In time the business volume grew more than 5 times, with an annual revenue for this factory of around 115 milion Euro

Now approximately 1000 people work in this factory specialized in espresso machines and oral health products.

This is one of only tow Philips factories in Europe which make coffee machines.

As the management of the company acknowledges, the Romanian factory is strategic for its worldwide consumer lifestyle division

Hundreds of trucks enter daily in this factory to deliver parts and take the finished products.

The management wanted to keep track of all cars, vehicles trucks entering the premises and how long do they stay inside. For a better business, it wanted to know if it is room to increase the speed of loading the trucks and also if it is a way to improve the way they manage the auto fleet.
Vehicles belonging to management, staff, employees are introduced in the Action List in Metrici Interface and can automatically enter the yard, as the barrier opens at the moment of detection.
The database offers information about the time spent inside by employees and also about delivery trucks. One can see how often a particular vehicle delivers or take cargo every month.
Philips is using only one LPR camera that can detect number plates of vehicles entering the factory or at the exit.
For a better image and a wider view of the vehicle, Philips is also using a companion camera. This is placed so to see a larger part of the gate. In this scenario, one can consult the companion photo at the moment of detection to see details about the vehicle.

Philips Technical Database

  • 1 Hikviosn LPR Camera
  • 1 Hikvision companion camera
  • 1 Low-pass filter
  • 1 Metrici server
  • 1 Metrici BL lilcense

Metrici is integrated part of the security system and the main access control feature in this factory. The accurate recognition and complex database brings a plus in securing the area and preventing the fraud or the thefts.