METRICI QR Code Reader

METRICI QR Code Reader is meant for those in search of alternative and cheap solution for access control. It is also useful in managing a product line in a factory or transport and shippings.

The detection engine comes in package with a dedicated interface where the user can see all the detection data and to generate some codes in case it needs one for a new user. Also, numerous functionalities are included for the end-user, as alerts, timetables, different levels of administrative rights. As an access control tool, the application is particularly of interest for the location where there is no direct contact with the visitor.


  • CROSS CHECK – It may be linked with other Metrici solutions for a double check or cross check with a license plate for example, an ID, or face recognition.
  • FACTORY -In case of a factory management solution or for transport companies, QR code recognition engine may be used for a package watch in transit
  • LINK Metrici saves the direction, the time stamp and it can link the package (QR code) to a specific vehicle etc
  • PACKAGING – Proof QR code reading and savings in database for serial numbers or product codes in different scenarios for proves of good shipment
  • ALERTS - An alert is raised if a QR code could not be read
  • ALARMS - QR code used/read/seen in forbiden area
  • EASY MANAGEMENT– Keeps track of all readings. View reports, analytics
  • MAKE YOUR OWN–Generate your own QR code and give them different access levels


As usual you can trust Metrici QR Code Reader comes with the well known accurate recognition and precision

Access control tool

See who comes/ leaves make whitelists and build different levels access for every single user / zones/ groups.


Product tracker tool for transport or production companies/ Quality control

Whole vision

Know every time where and when a product was seen


Know every time when, where and who entered the facility and where it goes

Cost effective

Convenient- can fit on the preexisting installations and cameras

Easy to secure

Change access credentials at any given time. When you choose or by schedule

Just a click

Grant access with just a click of a button. Remove access just as easy


QR Code Reader in accces control, transport, shipping, product check

  • SMART TOOL- Integrated database with Metrici or other external management software
  • BEST PARTNER -Easy integration with third party systems
  • ACCESS- Guest mode: access limited in time or in space (only some floors or some time tables)
  • DETAILED OPERATIONS -Easy to secure: change access credentials at any given time. When you choose or by schedule
  • PLANNER- Any user will receive a new access code by e-mail or another web/ phone services
  • MANAGEMENT TOOL - Easy customization and adaptation
  • SUPPORT- Viable solution for hospitality industry, especially combined with LPR
  • FACTORY-Check products, keep data- more control
  • TRIGGER-Read QR, trigger another engine


QR code recognition is a versatile technology that can be utilized by companies across various industries to enhance their operations, marketing strategies, customer engagement, and more.

Retail and E-commerce

• Product Information: Retailers can place QR codes on product packaging that, when scanned, provide detailed information about the product, specifications, user reviews, and usage instructions

• Discounts and Promotions: QR codes can be used to deliver exclusive discounts and promotions to each customer, enhancing loyalty programs and encouraging repeat purchases

• Inventory Management: Store employees can use QR codes to track inventory levels and manage stock more efficiently

Hospitality and Tourism

• Contactless Check-In: Hotels can use QR codes for a seamless check-in process. Guests can scan a code to receive their room key and other necessary information without physical interaction

• Tourist Information: Tourist attractions and museums can place QR codes at various points of interest. Scanning the codes can provide visitors with detailed historical information, audio guides, or augmented reality experiences.


• Patient Records: Hospitals can use QR codes on patient wristbands to quickly access their medical records, ensuring accurate and efficient care

• Medication Tracking: Pharmacies and healthcare providers can use QR codes to track medications, providing detailed information on dosages, side effects, and usage instructions for each patient


Interactive Learning: Educators can integrate QR codes into textbooks or classroom materials. Scanning the codes can lead students to supplementary resources, such as videos, quizzes, and interactive content

Attendance Tracking: Schools and universities can use QR codes to streamline attendance tracking, where students scan a code upon entering the classroom

Events and Entertainment

Ticketing: Event organizers can use QR codes for digital tickets. Attendees can scan their codes at entry points, streamlining the check-in process and reducing paper waste.

Interactive experience: At events, QR codes can be used to provide additional content, such as event schedules, speaker bios, and promotional materials

Manufacturing and Logistics

Supply Chain Management: QR codes can be used to track products through the supply chain, providing real-time information on location, status, and condition.

Quality Control: Manufacturers can use QR codes to log and access data about production batches, ensuring quality control and traceability.

Financial Services

Secure Transactions: Banks and financial institutions can use QR codes for secure transactions, including payments, money transfers, and authentication processes

Customer Support: QR codes on bank statements or promotional materials can direct customers to support services, account management tools, or educational resources on financial products

Transportation and Logistics

Tracking Shipments: Logistics companies can place QR codes on shipments, allowing customers to scan and track the status of their deliveries in real-time

Ticketing and Boarding: Transportation services, including airlines and trains, can use QR codes for digital tickets and boarding passes, simplifying the boarding process and reducing paper waste.

Automotive industry

Vehicle Information: Car manufacturers and dealers can use QR codes on vehicles that, when scanned, provide potential buyers with detailed information about the car’s features, specifications, and history. Can also track parts of a vehicle in production

Service records: Mechanics and service centers can use QR codes to log and access a vehicle’s service history, ensuring consistent and accurate maintenance records.