Metrici attended Konica Minolta Innovation Day 2019 in Athens

Metrici was a guest and a host also at the Innovation Days 2019, the traditional Konica Minolta Europe event, held in Athens, November 7th.

The gathering is meant to bring together producers, integrators and clients from all range of Konica Minolta offer and products and meet demands of all sort of clients. Also, it is a big opportunity for partners to present their application and how are integrated with Konica Minolta products.

Konica Minolta is the distributor for Metrici in Greece and one of the main partners in Balkan region.

The guest speakers explored the technologies that are changing the industries, helping customers to stay ahead of the competition and prepare for the future changes.

Throughout the day, the participants had the chance to talk to the experts, explore the solutions and get hands on with the hardware products and software offer.

All guests discussed the latest technologies that promote digital transformation, reducing the complexity of IT applications and operating costs. Top of that, the guests managed to see intelligent video analytics technologies at practice. Among the guests, Metrici made sensation on first sight with a new detection engine which is still to be launched, but they managed to take a glimpse at it, as Metrici team presented it for the first time in a live demo.

This new detection engine will be soon launched for everybody to take advantage of it.

The Innovation Day 2019 received a record attendance. Delegates enjoyed an excellent day of exploring some industries’ secrets and partners changed and shared ideas.

From discussing IT and AI in modern world to understanding how machine and human can cooperate for a sociable future; from learning how to marry technology and performance to hearing what peers are doing with technology.

Plus, the delegates could see live demonstrations of the latest platforms, apps and solutions on the market from the sponsors, among them Metrici, which had all these engines working live throughout the day. Thus, they could walk away with fresh ideas of what’s available for them.

Metrici is grateful to be part of the event and that could present its solutions for the security industry. The people could see almost all software and hardware solutions at Metrici stand, among which: license plate recognition, parking place detector, the new Metrici interface and a new still not launched detection engine along a Metrici LED display.

As for the future Metrici intends to extend its partnership with Konica Minolta and its IP cameras German producer Mobotix throughout Europe and worldwide.

Mobotix is a long time partner of Metrici, with whom the team collaborated to some big projects on LPR solution, but it is planning to extend the work with PPD and other video analytics solution based on AI.