500+ parking spaces managed with Metrici PPD

One of the biggest Metrici parking project uptodate was implemented in a parking lot with over 500 parking spaces for trucks and cars which is monitored and managed entirely with Metrici Parking Place Detector.

The integrator and Metrici partner from Bulgaria, Maxtel proposed to the client a solution to better manage the big infrastructure with automated systems and AI cappabilities of Metrici software.

The parking lot is situated at the Bulgarian border crossing to Turkey. As one is a EU member state and the other is not, the border transit process is very time consuming for each vehicle and especially for trucks each part of the border.

Until now, all trucks were lined up along the highway when trying to exit the EU. So often the queue was more than 5 kilometers long and was a unpleasant situation both for the truck drivers as well as for the other participants in traffic. Also, the many hours for waiting in line meant a lot of garbagge produced by the truck drivers who was often abandoned on the road and its limits.

The client decided to build the biggest truck parking lot in Bulgaria for the drivers to have a decent wait at the border.
So it was launched a parking lot with over 500 places for the trucks with all the neccesities that might be included: restaurants, toilets, sitting area, a shopping center.
But keeping all things under control is no easy task. It required implementing a system in which each driver would record the data it entered the unit to know how long it stayed and what sum to be paid when leaving.

Also the drivers needed to be guided to the available empty parking spaces. This is where Metrici showed its potential. Parking Place Detector AI based solution was the best choice for that. In fact, the entire place is monitored using Parking Place Detector.

As regarding the tech aspects, 40 IP cameras were instaled on 9 meters poles around the parking lot, each one of them monitoring dozens of parking spaces.

In addition, 40 Metrici detection engines were installed on two servers which are working together, but one is also used as central server for centralization and interface access.

The drivers needed to be guided to empty parking spaces, as the flow inside is very dynamic and the owners did not wanted to risk the trucks to go around in circles in the parking lot in search for an available parking space.

For that issue to be addressed, 22 Metrici LED displays were posted around the parking lot to guide the drivers using arrows lighted on display to show the way towards an available parking spaces.

In fact, all the parking is organized as a big round about with trucks entering one way and exting the other way around. When entered each one is guided to the most suitable available parking spot.

When it comes the time for a truck to leave for the border check, its number plate is displayed on other LED displays used for such warnings.

Parking technical data
  • 40 cameras
  • 22 LED displays
  • 2 servers
  • 40 Metrici PPD licenses
  • 1 Metrici PPD Interface

Particular for this parking lot, a new feature was developed and inserted in the interface, which now is available for all Metrici clients. The admin user can upload a map of the parking lot in the Metrici Interface. One can designate each parking space on the map so to have an instant and enitrely clear view of the situation in the parking lot in one image. When the situation of the parking spaces changes, it can be seen in real time, by spaces or areas, according to the installation in place.

This project's success determined the beneficiary to extend same technology in all their parking lots across Bulgaria.