Metrici will join GoTech World 2020 business event

Metrici will be a part of GoTech World 2020 online business event. The expo is the biggest in Central and Eastern Europe and will be held on November 11-12, 2020.

Metrici, together with one of its partners will have a common virtual stand to present their solutions and products, and how the two are working together.

People visiting the virtual stand of Metrici and its partner, Konica Minolta Romania, can come in contact with the latest achievements, products, and projects of the two companies created together and individiually.

GoTech World is a B2B event focused on tools and strategies that help businesses grow through online presence, digital marketing and software intelligence.

Companies stands will be 3D rendered, will include an interactive chat and a video meeting system by which the participants can interact

Metrici will display all its Artificial Intelligence based software and all its range of hardware products. The company is also keen to present its latest software and better communicate with partners and clients.

First time in public, Metrici will show its latest line of work: customized projects for industrial sector.

Metrici will also present as a premiere some of its biggest projects so far, some of them using Parking Place Detector, which is meant to manage a parking lot with IP cameras and deliver spot-on information about which parking space is available and where. Also LED displays guide vehicles to the free parking spaces.

For traffic management and access control, Metrici License Plate Recognition has new features and new neuronal trainings for a event better detection.

For parking management, Metrici has two solutions: one is LPR based parking module and the other is Parking Place Detector which is built on an enterily different architecture. Nevertheless, the two can work together if one wanted to.

Also based on LPR cappabilities, potential future clients can get accustome with the module dedicated for toll stations and weighing stations.

Metrici Area Counter is the software product meant to count any given object in a defined area. It can be used in many scenarios, such as for urban video surveillance, public transportation, retail and commerce, traffic management, parking, security and acceess control etc.

The latest add-on to Metrici software is Thermal Analyzer, developped after the worldwide pandemic spread as an answer to market need to detect and deliver temperature for people. It is a fast, non-invasive way to determine if a person has fever simptoms, but it can also be used in different scenarios.

Anyone can join in Metrici and Konica Minolta Romania stand at the event site, where you can see and better understand company's products.