Metrici launched new range of multiuse and custom displays

Metrici, the Romanian software company specialized in deep neuronal networks and video analytics solutions, is launching a new range of displays meant to be integrated with its applications.

In fact, the company is constantly evolving and is changing not only his software offer but also its hardware products. Beginning of month, 3.2 version was launched, and now it’s tim for the official release of this harware.

After new detection engines based on new algorithms were introduced, now the time has come to present new hardware.

Metrici is renowning its displays offer. As of now the old offer is discontinued, so to leave room for better, more beautiful and especially more advanced ones.

A different production technology was implemented, with a new range of displays, which are even more versatile and can reproduce any color, texts or graphics.

The displays are custom built by Metrici for integration with its software applications and other hardware products. In the same time, the team can develop dedicated firmware for special projects, for the panel to display any information, animation or graphics the client wants. As a matter of fact, besides the standard dimensions, Metrici can build displays any size and format.

Display 1: RGB ARR

The first one is LED Display RGB ARR, special dedicated to be integrated with the Metrici PPD engines and interface. This display has a 64x32 pixels resolution on a 33 x 17 x 8 cm compact case. It is designed by Metrici and has a special developed firmware to be used in special scenarios. This one is to be usually used at the end of a row/section/floor/group in a parking lot to display the number of free parking spots for that particular row/section accompanied by an arrow to indicate the drivers the direction to follow to get to a free parking space, in connection to Metrici Parking Place Detector engines and Interface.

It has 2048 independent Multi-Color LEDs that offers a color capability of 16M and a contrast ratio of 4000:1. This device automatically connects to Metrici Parking Place Detector database to extract live data from the interface, in this case number of free places.

Display 2: 128x64

The second standard display is four times bigger: it is made of 4 LED panels as the one used for RGBARR. This edition keeps providing the Multi-Color LEDs, capable of +16M colors for a total of 8192 independent LEDs, that offer a 128x64 pixels resolution in a 65 x 33 x 8 cm case, hence the name.

This one is more powerful when it comes to resources and capabilities. Besides larger dimensions, the display also comes with a more powerful controller. Meaning quad-core 1.5Ghz processor, 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM memory, Gigabit Ethernet and 2.4Ghz/5GHz Wireless options.

Depending on the scenario is used in, the display can show the number of free/busy spaces for a parking, the license plate or any other information wanted by the beneficiary and that can be extracted from the Metrici Web Interface: for example number of cars, the weight (if integrated with a weight station), as well as the speed of a vehicle, if it is linked to Metrici Observer Radar. It can also show directions or other indication for the drivers. Can also show tarffis, for example, in toll stations scenarios.

As explained before, besides these standard measures, the displays can be customized by Metrici to any size. As an example, Metrici custom built a 350 cm x 180 cm display for a special project with 10 lines of text.

These Metrici products have an aluminum case and are designed to be safely used outdoors. Metrici LED Display has a IP66 certificate - resistant to dust and water and a operation temperature ranging from -20 to +50 with a lifetime of over 100.000 hours.

One can access displays page here.

Use and implementation

At its largest dimensions, the display is used for installations such as for transport companies to display plate number and platform to be loaded, for example. Another application is at ferry crossings to display time to wait for the ferry. As a side note these type of displays can show any images, texts or animation.

As such, the displays could also be used in traffic management: it can also be used to display useful data for travelers such as estimated arrival time for a bus/tram/train in public transportation.

As Metrici proposed Bucharest administration in 2017, the display could be an integrated part of a bigger system of management to include, LPR, Parking Management with LPR and Parking Place Detector, public transportation monitoring, traffic lights synchronization and management etc.

In fact, the displays could be a solution in traffic for the drivers to be informed about alternative routes, waiting times in cross-roads or traveling time. The pedestrians could also be aware of how much time to wait for the next public transportation vehicle. The system could be integrated as such with license plate recognition or Parking Place Detector to also display info about free parking spaces and where to be found.

Metrici LED Displays are a plug and play solution developed by Metrici for a better and practical integration with parking, residential, city or industrial installations, no matter what Metrici module one is using.