Metrici introduces vehicle classification

Metrici offers vehicle classification in its new version of the software. The LPR detection engine can now distinct and report what types of vehicle it detects. The best romanian company in video analytics has 6 types/classes of vehicles: motorbike, car, SUV/Pickup, van, bus, truck, all based on a Metrici training algorithm.

From now on, every LPR detection includes the type of vehicle associated with a license plate to in its database lines.

Thanks to Metrici AI software, the classification works even in low light conditions and night time.

The new feature has also a security characteristcs that could be useful in many applications that will lead to more accurate, precise detections with less investment. As a fact, Metrici can trigger itself to begin a LPR detection whenever it “sees“ a vehicle in the videostream.
This was developed by Metrici as a viable solution in different scenarios. It can be used as a security feature to register an event even if a car doesn’t have a license plate.
It is also very useful in parking, weighing stations or toll applications to begin a LPR detection only when a vehicle enters the frame. The need of processing power is greatly reduce without affecting the performance.
Car classification is a traffic management tool.

It is also a greeat feature in applications such as motorways, highways, car parks, and access roads leading to rest areas.

Used as such in traffic, the main objective is to optimize infrastructures and increase the return on toll gates in accordance with traffic flows and type of cars.

As for parking and other access control scenarios is a security feature. In any of this cases represents a management tool to see the traffic load and type of vehicles as well as an instrument to reduce losses due to human errors in applications where a ticketing is based on what type of vehicles enters the premises.

Thanks to the enormous advances in deep learning, video analytics represents the automation of tasks that were once the exclusive task of humans and Metrici excels at it.

The company’s solution has proved to be a tremendous help in the area of transport, aiding in the development of smart cities.

Increase in traffic can mean an increase in accidents and traffic jams. Metrici can help and can be set to take traffic management measures based on intelligent video analysis solutions.

Traffic analysis can be used to dynamically adjust traffic light control systems and to monitor traffic jams. It can also be useful in detecting dangerous situations in real time, such as a vehicle stopped in an unauthorized space on the highway, someone driving in the wrong direction, or vehicles that have been in an accident.

Vehicle counting and differentiating between cars, trucks, buses, and so on, generates high-value statistics used to obtain insights about traffic.

Al these solutions can be link crossed with Metrici Observer Radar and Metrici LED displays for a more precise control or guidings for the drivers.

Also, instead of using sensors, inductive loops and other hardware, a smart parking system can be build on Metrici solutions: LPR, Parking Place Detector and Area Counter detection engines and modules.

All these Metrici products can be linked together depending on the field situation to have the best and the more advatageous solution. For example, an entire city, with parking lots, on-street parkings, traffic, traffic lights can be managed from one single interface in one command centre or can be automated to execute tasks when some pre-established conditions are met.

So, whether talking about industrial, commercial, residential or city management solution, video analytics is becoming an essential part in applications that include advanced license plate recognition, object detection and classification and automation.

Metrici is a complete solution for collecting, analysis and reporting of traffic data.

All info can be exported as an XLS, PDF or CSV file and can be integrated with third-party applications, and full API allows effortless ingestion of events into other databases.

To remember

  • License purchase is not tied to a specific camera, so you one can switch between cameras .
  • Accurate vehicle classification
  • Detect multiple events and type of vehicles in a single frame.
  • The usual statistcs, reports and setting of Metrici engines, with alarms, groups settings etc.

The type of detected vehicle can supply important information to be used to make sure that certain types of vehicles do not enter forbidden areas for example.

Ii is also a feaure that enables managers to better control their business/city and see what type of vehicles transit the location and if the infrastructure is well adapted or must be changed.